The Never Tales

Is Neverland a place of sweet dreams—or of unending nightmares?

For years, young and old have loved the story of Peter Pan, but few have peeled back the pages to see the darkness that lurks beneath.

Dust off your childhood fantasies and fears and come soar through the night skies with these reimagined beloved characters. What happens when Neverland faces the threat of becoming unraveled? Or when the emotionally vulnerable seek shelter with Pan—not knowing whether he’s a friend or foe? Shadows creep along behind Pan—some playful, while others possess the sweetest of children. It will take more than faith, trust, and pixie dust for lost Wendies to find their way home, for mermaids to get their wishes, and for nurseries to survive the night. Because pirates seek their treasures, wolves stalk their prey, and evil Pans lurk at windows, ready to catch children unaware.

From whimsical and sweet to dark and emotional, The Never Tales: Volume One reintroduces you to these characters in ways you’ve never seen before. Take Peter’s hand and soar past the second star for an awfully big adventure…if you dare.

“This collection of retold stories and poems is not the one you would read to your children in the nursery. These are stories about the monsters lurking outside the window and within the shadows, tales about love, betrayal, revenge, determination, and hope. The Never Tales is chilling, enthralling, and sometimes whimsical…speaking to the child in us all.” - Everly Haywood, Author of Peaceweaver

“This is a retelling anthology with a lot of range. The talented authors all bring their own versions of this story to life. Between the beautiful prose and fun poetry, there was never a dull moment.” - Nathaniel Luscombe, Author of The Ones with Gilded Bones

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